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Case Studies

The evening was a hit!

November 2021

We were so pleased with your catering last night! If we give a November dinner party next year and I’m lucky enough to get you, I will probably order the exact same menu in its entirety! That’s how good it all was! The scallops and duck were perfectly tender/ perfectly pink; the well-chosen selection of cheeses (my favourite a local slicing goat-type, I think Hanna said); the tart tatin the best I can remember eating - perfectly caramelized/ chewy/ not too sweet - nicely acidic; and the truffles wonderfully chocolatey/ not too sweet, and the sour cherry amaretti drops divinely chewy and flavourful. All your menu selections had such a great balance and contrast of flavours and textures! I admire your culinary skills!

Hanna and Jenny were so delightful, dignified and professional. It was a pleasure to be served by them. More than one guest remarked on how well they tended to our every need without our even realizing they were doing so. It all happened as if by magic! I loved them and hope they will return!

It was so nice to see you again, Juliet, and I thank you for pleasing us all so much! The evening was a hit!