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Case Studies

Our dinner party was great fun and totally relaxing

November 2019

Our dinner party was great fun and totally relaxing, in great part due to your help! Your autumnal menu was all I hoped it would be and it was easy to see, judging by the clean plates after each course, how much it was enjoyed by all!

Tabitha, Olivia and Diane were such a friendly and professional team. I was amazed at how, after a brief meeting with Tabitha, no further guidance or instruction was needed. We also commented to me how impressed we were with her professionalism, from knowing about how to prepare and serve the wines to the general table service and caring for our guests. She was truly fantastic!

In fact, your team was so competent that I actually forgot about them as the night went by, and at 11:30pm they were sitting at the kitchen table waiting to clean up the last few coffee cups after the last guests left. I felt terrible, because I’d have happily seen them out earlier, as everything else was spic and span. However, it’s a testament to their competence that I’d forgot about them, I think! Please pass on our thanks!

Mrs M

November 2019